Things To Know About Air Conditioner

In warm conditions, most homes utilize air conditioners. To some people, air conditioning is a luxury while to others, it is a necessity. Given the power used to run it and the expense of purchasing, air conditioning colorado springs wants consumers to be well informed regarding air conditioning systems.

How it works
The work of an air conditioner in your home is to move heat from your home’s inside to the outside and in the process, it ends up cooling you together with your home. Air conditioners blow cool air inside your home through pulling hot air out of it. The air that goes through the air conditioner will be cooled by blowing it over several cold pipes set which are normally referred to as evaporator coils.
The evaporator coils work like the cooling which happens during the evaporation of air on your skin. There is a special liquid called refrigerant which is filled in the evaporator coil that normally changes from a liquid into gas as the heat from the air is absorbed.
The refrigerant is normally pumped outside the house to a certain coil which gives up the heat and transforms back to liquid. The outside coil is normally referred to as a condenser because the refrigerant condenses from a gas into a liquid just like moisture does on a window during the cold season.
A pump known as a compressor is usually used to move the refrigerant between these two coils and to ensure that the refrigerant pressure changes to make it possible for the refrigerant to be able to condense or evaporate depending which coil it is in. The energy which is used to do all these are utilized by the motor which runs the compressor.

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